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Human resource is the essential
The enterprise needs staffs to support for running, quality products are produced by excellent workers, the enterprise development needs an excellent management team for ensuring it’s in a right track. Human can decide everything and can change everything. Human is the determinant for success.

At INNOVATION COMPANY, it is full of study atmosphere. Everything is just like a boat on the river against the current, if don’t move forward, it is moving backward. All the operators will be trained prior to working on a position, On Job Training has become a fixed procedure for an operator. The staffs including management team are always encouraged to continuously study more.

We admit mistake for improvement, this kind of mistake is treated as a necessary cost for development at  INNOVATION COMPANY. We follow the PDCA cycle for improvement, the mistake will be avoided once we identify it.

At INNOVATION COMPANY, the monthly dinner party is an important chance for management team to communicate with the staff. The managemet team has an open mind, and the staffs are encouraged to speak out what they are thinking about and what they are concerning for.